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Erika HoltzP. Eng., DAR # 345
Erika has been involved in aviation all her life. Her father was an aircraft maintenance engineer who shared his love of aircraft with her. In 2003, she started work as an EIT with International Aero Products. She quickly impressed the owner and became general manager and person responsible for quality to Transport Canada. In 2006, International Aero Products negotiated with Harbour Air to sell them the concept of the 9000 lb gross weight Otter STC. The next year and a half was spent prototyping the wing and modifying an aircraft for physical and flight testing. In late 2007, she completed her professional engineering status with APEG BC and completed the increase to the maximum gross weight of the DHC-3 deHavilland Otter STC.

Erika knew at 8 years old that she wanted to be chief engineer of her own engineering company. She realized this dream in 2010 at age 33. That same year, she achieved her delegation status as a structural delegate under the Design Approval Representative Program with Transport Canada and became one of only eight structural DARs in the Pacific Region. She landed her first client, Sealand Aviation, who contracted her to certify and install a set of 5250 amphibious floats on the DHC-2 deHavilland Beaver. Her company was also contracted to run the quality system at International Aero Products.

In 2012, she accepted a position as the Engineering and Quality Manager for the Harbour Air Group of Companies. When she started at Harbour Air, one of her first projects was to create and establish a production control system for the manufacturing department. Within a year, she had acquired design approvals and manufactured a significant number of parts. This department continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Last but not least, Erika is a member of the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC), continually furthering her knowledge of the in

Shawn BraidenAME, PRM
Shawn always wanted to be involved in the aviation industry. At age 12, he joined the Air Cadets in Sydney, BC, and in 1997, received his pilot’s license while working as a volunteer at the Victoria Flying Club.

Shawn thought that it was very important that as a pilot, he understood the workings of his aircraft. As a result, he applied to be accepted into the AME “M” license course at BCIT. After attending BCIT for one year, Shawn accepted a part-time position with Harbour Air as an Apprentice/Groomer/General dogsbody. Four months later, he completed the program and became a full-time Apprentice; all the while, working part-time for Tasman Helicopters, gaining both fixed and rotary experience.

His leadership skills, commitment to safety, passion for the industry and willingness to take on new challenges, got noticed early on in his career at Harbour Air, and in 2000, Shawn was appointed crew chief despite still being an Apprentice. That same year, Shawn joined the Vancouver Soaring Association and became a tow pilot, glider instructor and tow plane manager.
In 2001, Shawn achieved his Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License after completing the 12 technical exams and the practical component. In 2005, Shawn was instrumental in creating the Coal Harbour Line Maintenance Base for Harbour Air. In 2013, Shawn was accepted by Transport Canada as a PRM delegate, and a few months later, accepted that same position for the Harbour Air Group of Companies.

As he progressed within the company, Shawn has focused on improving efficiency within the maintenance department and ensuring the safety of his crew and the Harbour Air customers at all time. He continually leads by example, willing to do what it takes to make sure the job is completed efficiently and safely with little interruption in the service provided to the guests, whether it means staying late or coming on days off. He is currently responsible for a fleet of 40 aircraft, in addition to approximately 30 third-party aircraft and is responsible for Quality Assurance.
Shawn is PRM for three different AOCs, PRM for both a maintenance AMO and manufacturing AMO, and sits on the BCIT Program Advisory Council. He is a member of the Vancouver Soaring Association, COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association), EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) and the Cessna 195 Club. He also owns two vintage gliders and a Cessna 195.

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