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Wipline 8000 Float Parts Sales

We have an inventory of brand new & serviceable parts for Wipline 8000 Amphibious Floats. This inventory is also available for purchase in its entirety. All parts include all appropriate certifications.

Please contact our purchasing department:
604.270.1107 – Ext. 3598

Part NumberDescriptionQty. Avail.
069-03100Anchor Bolt9
5100-62HSnap Ring4
KT08A08-001Kit, Float Hardware1
MS27053-5CFitting, Hose End10
6A09000-029Pump Assy. Dual Hydraulic (Wipline 6000)1
073-04200Pressure Plate Assy.1
074-02900Backing Plate6
075-20700Plate, Torque2
091-21600Caliper Assy. Wipline 80001
162-19900Outer Wheel, Half Assy.2
164-24500Outer Wheel, Half Assy.2
30-241Brake Assy. Wipline 80001
302DNValve Core5
30-94Brake Assy. Cleveland Conversion1
40-418-3Wheel Assy. Wipline 80001
95-2522Brake Cup2
9A02000-108Washer, Drag Wire Support1
9A08151-101Water Rudder Pulley Bracket1
KT06A04-002Oleo Seal Kit, Wipline 61001
155-14300Snap Ring1
8A09000-041Hyd. Line Assy. - Nose Down2
8A09000-042Hyd. Line Assy. Nose up2
9A02043-001Fitting, Drag Wire1
9A02056-013Fitting, Drag Wire, R/H - Aft2
9A02057-003Fitting, Strut L/H - Aft.1
9A02066-009Fitting, Strut L/H - Fwd.1
9A02369-023Step, Boarding1
9A08000-106Pivot Bracket1
9A08000-108Water Rudder Pivot Shaft Assy.2
9A08155-020Water Rudder Support Bracket1
9A08155-021Water Rudder Support Bracket1
9A08156-122Support Panel, Water Rudder1
9A08163-045Reinforcement, Rudder Core2
9A09000-183Hose Assy. Hyd, Line, 80 Inch2
9A09000-188Hyd. Line Assy.1
155-14300Snap Ring5
183-00100Bleeder Cap. Amphib. Brakes14
6A06196-002Plate, Nose Spring Attach - Lower1
6A09207-001Hyd, Manifold - Wipline1
6P08000-101Pulley Bracket1
6A04258-004Adapter, Brake Line1
6A05181-001Support, Ring Cylinder2
6A06000-006Yoke Assembly1
6A06616-003Retainer, Grease Wipline 80001
6A07158-129Spacer, Nose Cylinder2
6A07264-002Flange, Cylinder Ram, Nose Gear2
6A07544-001Roller Trolley2
6A07580-005Wiper, Nose2
8880510Wiper - 7/8in I.D. x 1-1/4 O.D2
8A02053-005Fitting, Slide Tube - Rear Strut Assy.2
8A02273-007Tube, Slide - Lower End2
8A04000-031Wheel Assy. Main5
8A04211-001Trunion, Main Gear4
8A06000-008Wheel Assy. Nose - Wipline 80001
8A06308-001Block, Pivot1
8A06600-001Thrust Washer2
8A07257-002End, Nose Gear Ram1
8A07534-003Axle Trolley2
8A08000-035Balance Cable - L/H2
8A08000-036Balance Cable - R/H2
8A08000-037Retract Cable2
8A08000-038Retract Cable1
8A08000-039Cable Assy. Float Retract7
40-418-3Wheel Assy. Wipline 80001
410521FIlter - Wipline 80003
410958Seal Reservoir - Wipline 8000 Powerpack2
472439Shaft Seal, Wipline 80005
473237Oil Seal, Amphib. 1
490405Steel Ball - Wipline 80002
5073918-1431-600Red Lamp - 24V 5
5073918-1432-600Green Lamp - 24V4
5073918-1434-600Blue Lamp - 24V8
5801Switch, Hamlin 9
637Tire Valve Cover12
6A04093-002Spacer, Main Wheel Axle4
6A04256-002Cap, Oleo End5
6A04743-001WIper, Oleo1
6A06265-001Axle, Nose Wheel4
6A06268-002Spacer, Nose Axle4
6A09706-001Filter Breather1
6A04256-002Cap, Oleo End5
6A04743-001Wiper, Oleo1
6A06265-001Axle, Nose Wheel4
6A06268-002Spacer, Nose Axle4
6A09706-001Filter Breather1
8A04000-043Hyd. Brake Line Assy.5
8A04256-005Piston 1
8A04296-002Tube, Drag Race2
8A08000-043Cable Assy - Pulley Stn. 234
8A09000-039Hyd. Line Assy.1
8A09000-040Hyd. Line Assy. Main Down2
8A08000-098Rudder, Post Assy. Wipline 80001
8A08183-006Stop, Water Rudder Down - Wipline 80002
914-8D27Pump, Hand Hyd. System Back-up2
9A02056-012Fitting, Flywire - Rear - Wipline 80002
9A02066-006Fitting, Drag Wire - Front 90002
9A02155-023Utility Hole Cover Brace - Wipline23
GPP1250-23Switch, Hyd. Pressure - Wipline 60002
KD70119Seal Kit - Wipline Floats1
6A09000-080Valve, Gear Selector - Wipline1
8A09000-031Pump Assy. Dual Hyd. - Wipline1
8A09000-102Gear Control Assy.1
062-10700Brake Piston12
063-01100Pressure Plate4
069-00400Anchor Bolt, Brake - 3730 Floats6
104-04700Tube, Fitting4
154-08200Grease Seal - Wipline 80006
155-00100Snap Ring3
3A01158-005Ring - Pump Out Cup Reinforcement6
3A07005-178Clip, Switch - Nose Gear RT5
3A08000-050Cable, Balance - Wipline 37301
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