SF92-1: Modification of EDO Model 58-4 580 floats to 4,953lbs displacement

SF95-2: Installation of Seaflight Water Rudder Post Assembly

SF96-1: Seaflight p/n SI-58-A-137 L/H & R/H, Forward Bottom Float Skin replacement

SF97-1: Installation of Seaflight Float Luggage Hatch

SF97-2: Seaflight p/n SI-901-23060-1 and -2 Float Strut attach fitting

SF99-200: Installation of Seaflight Replacement Float Parts

SA97-27: Installation of Floats Modified with Seaflight Hatch Installation

SA97-73: Installation of Floats modified with Seaflight p/n SI-901-23060-1 and -2 Strut attach fitting

SA89-65: Installation of a 3-Position Cargo Net

SA98-25: Installation of EDO P/N 58-S-923 Front Strut Assembly to Replace EDO P/N 259-22036-1

SA99-202: Installation of Replacement Float Attach Gear Parts

SA03-84: Modification Of Carburetor Heat Control Locking Mechanism

SA04-25: Removable Skin Fuselage Panel Located Between STA 0.0 and -41.50

SF00-1: EDO P/N 55-A-100L and 55-A-100R Forward Bottom Float Skin Replacement

SF02-1: EDO Float 56-7850A or EDO Float 55-7170A stretched to 8100 Floats

SA96-4: Installation of Replacement Front Float Strut

SA00-1: EDO P/N 55-A-100L and 55-A-100R Forward Bottom Skin Float Replacement for EDO 324-7490 Floats

SA04-114: Wing Strut Modification for 8,367lbs. Gross Weight

SA05-119: Passenger Seating Arrangement

SA06-42: Installation of the 8100-200 Floats on the DHC-3 Otter

SA06-83: Harbour Air PanaVue Windows Installation

SA06-96: Shoulder Belt – Flight Crew

SA07-121: Harbour Air 9000 Lbs. Modified DHC-3

SA08-47: Installation OF Harbour Air Ltd Heavy Duty Lift Strut

SA08-79: Modification to stretch the EDO 324-7490 Floats to IntAero 8100-200 Floats

SA08-87: Fuel & Oil Emergency Shut-off Guard

SA12-43: Cabin Fresh Air system

SA12-48: Cabin Interior wall and ceiling panels

SA14-84: Harbour Air DHC-3 Door Latch Modification

SA15-26: Harbour Air Cockpit Fan Installation

SA16-65: Installation of the Harbour Air Water Rudder System

PDA06-35: DHC-3 Fuselage parts (Flooring)

PDA07-4: Otter Wing Parts

PDA22-14: Selected Fuel System Parts Replacement

SF95-3: Installation of Float Access Panel Gaskets

PDA01-35: Beech Float Fittings